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Governing Body

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P.K. Kanakambika


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Manu V. Devadevan


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M.R. Vishnu Namboodiri


Honorary Fellows

Abhilash Malayil 

CKGM Government College

Perambra, Kerala

Abhilash Malayil is an authority on the political economy of early modern and modern south India. He has studied the relationship between kingship, religion, trade and agrarian regimes of Malabar. His studies are part of an attempt to theorize the early modern in the context of Malabar.

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Caleb Simmons

Department of Religious Studies and Classics

University of Arizona

Caleb Simmons is an authority on religion and polity in medieval south India. His work examines priestly, court, and folk sources ranging from inscriptions to iconography from southern Karnataka, with focus on the role of religion in constructing identities of the royalty as well as of the broader society.

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Ameet Parameswaran 

School of Arts and Aesthetics

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


Ameet Parameswaran is an expert on the performance traditions of Kerala in their relationship with politics and economy. His wider areas of research interests include commodification and performance, political theatres, Modernisms and transnationalism.

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Madhumita Saha 

Drexel University



Madhumita Saha is a historian of science, technology and environment of modern South Asia. Her work sheds light on use of techno-science by the Indian state in the making of a productive Indian landscape, and deal with technocracy-society interaction, the history of hunger, environmental activism and global issues of development.

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